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American Pie is a “do well by doing good” company. Our mission is to level the playing field in local markets for the Indie pizzeria that faces increasingly intense competition from national chains.

Like many small businesses, Indie pizzerias are a staple of nearly every American neighborhood. As technology and delivery become more entrenched in consumer norms, the bar for such businesses to remain solvent is raised, threatening the livelihood of owners and employees.

American Pie offers not just business solutions for the Indie pizzeria but also the chance to participate in the success that their participation drives. At the heart of our mission is a powerful business model that brings pizza lovers together with independent shops through advanced technology and good ole fashion sharing of the American dream – or maybe that should be “pie.”

Our commitment to the pizza lover is to bring a curated array of hyper-local selections through a single, uniform AI-driven app that stores customer preferences from favorites to payment methods.

For the investor, American Pie offers a chance to join us on this very American journey.

American Pie simplifies the ordering and delivery of made-to-order, hand-crafted pizza by curated Independent Pizza Shops across the US.

Our Mission

We care about local “Indie” pizza owners who get up at the crack of dawn to pound the dough, stir the sauce, slice vegetables and shred cheese to bring fresh, authentic, mouth-watering pizza to neighborhoods across America. We empower them by handling the ever-changing challenges of customer expectations, technology, and delivery so they can sustain their small business in neighborhoods across America. For the pizza lover, our commitment is to bring the best hand-made pizza to your door through technology and service. We believe in the values of opportunity, hard work, authenticity and community. Indie pizzerias represent all of these. Our mission is to help them thrive while we simplify the ordering and delivery of the best pizza in America.

Why American Pie

Technology is driving a multitude of cultural and behavioral changes in our society, not the least of which involves food delivery. Unfortunately, for many small businesses, the challenges represented by advances in technology do not always help to sustain their business.

This is perhaps no truer than for the independent pizza shop or Indie pizzeria – most of which were started as a gateway to employment for many seeking to make America their home.

The reason is that this Italian flatbread first brought by immigrants at the turn of the 20th century is now an American staple. Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day – that’s about 350 slices of pizza per second! And the demand for pizza over the past 50 years has never abated; it just keeps on increasing year over year.

With that kind of underlying demand for a product, surely national companies would be expected to enter the market and try their best to dominate. And in many markets, national chains are the dominant players. But that is not true everywhere. In fact, Indie pizzerias make up 55% of all pizza shops.

Increasingly, however, consumers prefer the convenience of digital ordering. Studies show that people spend more when they order online. They are also more likely to order again. It’s estimated that 50% of Domino’s sales come from this type of ordering. Higher sales per ticket and repeat business are crucial to restaurants – and many independent operators are missing the boat.


American Pie was formed to help Indie pizzerias focus on making authentic, hand-crafted pizza for local neighborhoods while we focus on technology, promotion, customer service and delivery.

Key to our model is the sharing of ownership.  All of the independent pizza shops in our network are true business partners.  We have reserved a significant share of American Pie equity just for them.

If we are successful, there will be many beneficiaries – Indie pizzerias, communities, pizza lovers and investors.  We think that is the true meaning of the American dream.

Join with us to invest in not just a business but a dream.

What We Do

About American Pie

American Pie is first and foremost a technology company. We, therefore, provide the glue that brings together Indie pizzerias, pizza lovers, and delivery services through web and mobile applications.

For pizza lovers, we provide a simple and singular interface to place and pay for orders in any one of our markets. No more sifting through a sea of options on food delivery sites!

We are also a customer service company. Our customer service operation is there for our partner pizzerias and pizza lovers to ensure both are happy with our program.

We do delivery - actually we arrange for delivery. American Pie handles the delivery process for the Indie pizzerias so they do not have to. Today, we subcontract with Postmates to provide delivery for our partner pizzerias.

Of course, we promote our partner pizzerias through SEO and advertising. Pizza lovers need to know who we are and what we do.

Lastly, we provide a range of services that help our partner pizzerias compete against national chains. Such services include analytics, recipes, and group purchasing of supplies and insurance to lower their operating costs.

American Pie Business Model

American Pie offers and markets an electronic gateway to connect customers, independent pizza shops and third-party food delivery companies in order to simplify the ordering and delivery of made-to-order, hand-crafted pizza.


The American Pizza Market Today

The away-from-home pizza market represents a staggering $46 billion in retail sales per year across the United States, making up 9.5% of the US commercial food service market.

The pizza market, as always, remains in the top 3 growing markets within fast-food. 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second. By 2020, the pizza market is set to report a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% per year.

The biggest forecast for the pizza market? Pizza delivery. By 2020, it's projected that 40% of all pizza revenues will come from delivery sales, most likely made through online ordering or a mobile app.

Food Delivery

  • People are still eating restaurant food– they're just not doing it at restaurants as much.
  • The number of food delivery app downloads is up 380% compared with three years ago, according to market-data firm App Annie.
  • Research firm Cowen and Co. predicts that U.S. restaurant delivery sales will rise an average of 12% a year to $76 billion in the next four years.
  • According to Restaurant Business Online, “86% of consumers are using off-premise [delivery] services at least monthly.”
  • As the delivery of food outpaces the growth of in-store service, Indie pizza shops face a daunting challenge – compete with national chains by embracing technology and delivery.
    Eater Magazine explains that, in the restaurant business, delivery has always been a headache.
  • "They have to pay somebody, they have to figure out if they need to insure them. They have to figure out the delivery distance. They might need to provide them with a vehicle, a car, a bike, whatever it may be."
  • American Pie seeks to seize this opportunity by bringing technology, convenience and delivery to local, independent pizza shops in markets across the US.

Pizza has been one of the staples of the industry for the last hundred years. There have been recessions, but pizza always seems to do well even during those times, because it's the one food that feed a family for a fairly decent price.

Not only do Americans love their pizza, but they love their pizza right now. Limited service restaurants accounted for roughly 72% of the consumer dollars spent in pizza restaurant sales totaling $33 billion in retail sales.

From the crust to the toppings and sauces, independents dominate the market with a 56% share, serving their own takes on the classic pie.

But the revenue of large chains has been growing faster than that of independents. The assumption is that the increasing role of technology and delivery has provided national chains with a competitive edge.

American Pie seeks to close that gap between Indie pizzerias and national chains by bringing the critical pieces of technology, promotion and delivery so that customers continue to choose authenticity over mass production.

Consumer Preferences

A Technomic study found pizza to be most popular among younger consumers (Gen Zers and Millennials).

According to a poll by, 40% of Millennials think pizza is “the best food in the world.”

49% indicate they would like pizza establishments to offer "more authentic pizza."

Younger pizza consumers want online ordering, as well as information on ingredients.

According to recent research, Millennials care more about convenience than cost when it comes to purchasing food.

Where We Are

American Pie is currently evolving along two parallel fronts: (1) development of proprietary AI-powered Web and mobile applications to be used by ordering customers and pizza shops, and (2) contracting with Independent Pizza Shops in our initial target market - Miami, Florida.

Our own experience ordering pizza through some of the better-known delivery companies has been less than satisfying. First, one has to sift through a sea of options representing all types of food and choices. Then you get to a menu that is different from one pizza shop to another. How can you save your favorite combinations? If you want a particular type of pizza or topping, you have to look through several menus to see which shop has it. This is archaic.

American Pie turns that complexity on its head with simplicity - a single, uniform user interface that streamlines and accelerates the ordering process.

If you just want pizza, you know what you want and you want to order it now. The menu is “standardized” to achieve consistency across markets, while differences are fused into the menu to address local tastes. You can even store your favorite size, sauce and toppings and we'll find the shop nearby that can make it. This means, wherever you are, you can order pizza the way you want it using the very same ordering menu. One interface, multiple choices, user customization.

If you want to try something different from what we call "Yours," you can try "Ours" - daily special combinations selected by local shops and American Pie. As such, the menu presented to a given customer is a blend of American Pie designs, capabilities of nearby shops and local tastes.

We call this approach universal customer customization. We think that's "sweet" so we have named our intellectual property the American Pie Sweet Technology Platform™.

American Pie is on the brink of the next stage of growth - complete the development of American Pie's proprietary, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Web and Mobile applications and launch in Miami, Florida. It is our expectation that a successful launch will elevate the Company's value and appeal to seed stage investors, thereby enabling us to expand our presence to new markets across America.

The American Pie Sweet Technology Platform™ employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robust data-driven interfaces to dramatically simplify the user experience for pizza lovers, our partner pizzerias and our customer service staff across Web and Mobile applications.

Shared Ownership

  • American Pie is not just another marketing / delivery service to Independent Pizza Shops.
  • As stated in our mission, we recognize the important role that such businesses play in our communities.
  • What would the great American neighborhood be without one?
  • Accordingly, in addition to offering solutions that help Indie pizzerias compete with national chains, American Pie has set aside equity exclusively for “partner pizzerias.”
  • The American Pie Partner Pizzeria Option Plan grant options according to a formula that recognizes tenure with the company, customer ratings for quality and taste, in-store promotions and exclusivity.
  • If American Pie is a success, it will be in no small measure due to the workmanship of the Indie pizzerias that get up each day to make great pizza for our customers.
  • They should, therefore, share in our American dream.

Brett with Steve, Monalisa pizzeria owner, after signing contract.

Investment Considerations

There are many risks with any investment and particularly with startup companies. However, the American Pie business plan seeks to mitigate many of the risks commonly associated with any new venture.

  • Market Size Risk - when an industry is limited in overall size, it is more difficult for any one venture to capture enough market share to support and sustain its operation. In this case, the pizza market is already a multi-billion dollar market that has grown steadily through good times and bad.
  • New Product Risk - American Pie is not introducing a new product or service into the market. Therefore, our success does not depend on convincing customers to buy. Pizza delivery is already a well established and rapidly growing market segment.
  • Limited Supplier Risk - any business that relies on a limited number of suppliers is subject to interruptions when any one supplier has problems or terminates a contract. That is not a challenge American Pie faces. As shown, there is a sufficient number of Independent pizza shops to sustain American Pie's future growth.
  • Product Demand Risk - American Pie is focused exclusively on pizza. In general, pizza is oft considered an American food staple. There simply is limited concern that the next few years will see a drop off in the demand for pizza and for delivery.
  • Delivery Risk - the food delivery business is already established, well-capitalized industry. In order to accelerate our development and limit the amount of capital required to grow, we have chosen to partner with car-sharing delivery companies rather than build our own infrastructure. We believe this takes that element of business risk off the table so we can focus on our core competencies.

“Pizza has been one of the staples of the industry for the last hundred years.” There have been recessions, but pizza always seems to do well even during those times, because we’re the one food that families can depend on—that can feed a family for a fairly decent price.”

Overall, by tackling an already large, steadily growing market with a proven service, it comes down to whether the American Pie team can execute on the plan. Our past achievements are prologue for this story.

The American Pie Team

The American Pie leadership team brings the full complement of skills and talent needed for a technology-driven business to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace – vision, technological expertise, customer service know-how and creativity.

Perhaps most importantly, we are not newbies to building and running businesses. Each of us “has walked this walk before” with prior start-up and technology development experience. To this initiative, we commit our passion for excellence, resourcefulness and perseverance.

Remember: you have to have a dream to have a dream come true!

Richard Radoccia


18 years experience building technology-driven companies. Passionate about developing technology to simplify complex transactions. Nuts about attention to detail and design. Demanding of himself and those who work with him. Clam is his favorite pizza.

Brett Burk


20 years experience finding fault with poor execution of technology and services - and fixing them! Founded three technology-driven service companies that tried to meet his exacting standards. Quality control freak. White pizza with double cheese, mushrooms and onions will get him to do a backflip.

Agatha Malina


Classically trained artist, passionate about design through the creative use of technology. Obsessed with simplicity and clarity. Designs for human delight over layout. Won't eat anything but artisanal gluten-free pizza with vegan only toppings - of course!

Rob Hampton


Experienced CTO for startups. When not running marathons, spends other waking hours doing full-stack development. Expert in dynamic design and teaching developers how to think like normal people. Actually worked for Compaq. Eats pizza and doesn't gain weight!